Formalin fixed tissue specimens received for histological evaluation. The service includes macroscopic (gross) examination of tissue(s), histologic evaluation and description, final diagnosis and comments regarding etiology, prognosis, biological behavior and margins. Related scientific literature and consultation by the pathologist will be provided, if needed.


Fixed or unfixed air-dried slides can be submitted at room temperature to the laboratory. Please indicate source. Diff-Quik stain is acceptable. Please avoid formalin or formalin fume exposure. Do not refrigerate slides as this makes staining problematic. Package cytology and biopsy samples in separate bags. Provide patient`s information and collection site information with clinical signs and history on the submission form.


Fresh samples and/or culture swabs can be submitted to ADL for aerobic and anaerobic bacterial culture / antibiotic sensitivity, and fungal culture. Samples must be shipped with cold pack. For more information and how to submit samples, please contact us.


Fresh tissue, blood, urine and feed samples can be submitted for toxicology analysis. Tissue and blood/urine samples must be submitted with cold packs. We offer a wide range of toxicology tests and narrowing down the possible types of toxin suspected is helpful. Please check out the toxicology screens and tests in the catalog. Contact the lab for recommendations and collection guidelines.


Samples for virus isolation can be submitted to ADL. Please submit samples fresh or in viral transport media with cold pack packaging. Mammalian, Reptile and Avian samples are accepted. For fecal Rotavirus please submit fresh fecal sample with ice pack. Many PCR tests are available for direct detection of DNA or RNA in many viral pathogens. Please call the lab for additional information.


Submit approximately 2 g fresh fecal sample (about the size of a grape). Please submit in leakproof container individually wrapped in a ziplock bag and place in transport bag with submission form.


Our laboratory offers a wide range of immunology, serology and pathogen identification tests using many tried-and-true methods as well as the newest technological advances, including:

    • PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction for DNA and RNA)
    • AGID
Please contact us for recommendations and more information.

Histology/ Histopathology and Immunohistochemistry

Animal Diagnostic Laboratory offers full-scale histology services to including gross processing, cutting, staining, histopathology reporting and immuno-reactions. Our pathologists and staff value client input and make every effort to accommodate special requests. We supply biopsy bottles and label materials. Feel free to call lab for detailed information by contacting ADL at (714) 258-0330

Clinical and Research Consulting

As part of our strong commitment to the research community, we offer a full pathology consultation service to veterinarians, veterinary hospitals, universities, and research institutes. The board certified, American College of Veterinary Pathology diplomates consult with clinicians and researchers on both GLP and non-GLP research projects. In addition to standard light microscopy, interpretation of immunohistochemistry, and other specialized techniques, customized services are available. We welcome the opportunity to work with researchers at the study design and grant writing stage. Submissions for hematologic, cytopathologic, or histopathologic analysis are frequently needed for the conclusion of an experiment or project. For further information, please contact us at or call (714) 258-0330