Starting a new relationship can be exciting, interesting and perplexing. We at ADL understand that you will have many questions and concerns. Please call us at (714) 258-0330 or email us at and we will be happy to answer all your questions. For your convenience, we have listed the most Frequently Asked Questions fielded by our client services team followed by our answers and recommendations. Feel free to peruse these but we would rather communicate with you directly to better coordinate our services to meet your needs.

Q: I'm using another veterinary reference laboratory now and would like to set up an account to submit specimens to your lab. My staff is used to the systems of the lab we're using now. What can you do to help me with the transition?

A: We have organized our start-up package to make the transition as easy as possible. We will provide you with all materials needed to submit specimens to the lab. We can evaluate your most commonly-ordered tests and prepare a translation chart so you and your staff can easily order the corresponding ADL tests and profiles that best match your routine orders.

Q: I'm now under contract with another laboratory for my lab services. Can I switch to you?

A: This depends on the terms you agreed to in your lab services contract. Typically you cannot switch labs without risking litigation and collection issues. Some contracts require a minimum dollar amount monthly and you can send any excess to ADL. We recommend that you consult with your attorney to see what your options are. You can obviously switch to ADL after your contract expires but you should read your existing contract carefully to see what you need to do to end your contract. Many of these require a notification in writing 12-18 months prior to the end of the contract to avoid auto-renewal

Q: Do you provide courier pick-up service?

A: Courier services are available in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, Orange County, Inland Empire and High Desert Areas of Southern California. Our services are expanding rapidly so call to see if your area has courier pickups available. For all other areas in the United States, service is provided by Federal Express, UPS and USPS. Please check out our Shipping Page for details.

Q: Do you charge transportation fees for courier pickup service?

A: NO. Never.

Q: Do you charge for lab supplies?

A: NO. Never.

Q: Do you have a board-certified veterinary pathologist in the lab?

A: Yes. Our team of veterinary specialists is led by our Chief Medical Officer:
M.F. Shahriar DVM, MVSc, PhD, Diplomate ACVP. He welcomes all calls and would love to talk with you in depth about our protocols, quality control and consultation services.

Q: How are lab results delivered?

A: We provide lab results through many platforms: Online via this website, Interface with Practice Management Software, Email to one or multiple addresses and Fax. You can choose any combination that fits your practice best.

Q: Do you provide Trending Reports so I can see changes in lab results over time?

A: Yes. We offer an exclusive software package, at no additional charge, for our clients that makes creating trending reports and graphing as easy as a mouse click. Call (714) 258-0330 or email and ask an IT Specialist for an online demonstration.

Q: Do you accept laboratory submissions directly without seeing a veterinarian?

A. No. Sorry. You really need to have a licensed veterinarian directly examine your pet. She or He are highly trained in examining your pet, discussing history and recent symptoms with you and then ordering appropriate labwork from ADL that will aid them in making a correct diagnosis. Your pet will be healthier and you will be happier with routine visits to your local veterinary professional. If you do not have a veterinarian, please call us for a referral or contact your local chapter of the AVMA or State Veterinary Medical Association. If your budget is limited, low cost services are available in most areas. Local Animal Shelters and Rescue Groups are great resources as well.

Q: Do you accept specimens for animals other than Dogs, Cats and Horses?

A: More than you can count. We do top-quality labwork for: Zoos, Aquariums, Fish and Game Departments, Law Enforcement, Entertainment Venues, Avian Veterinarians, Reptile Veterinarians, Marine Mammal and Bird Rescue and Conservation Organizations, Animal Shelters, Large Animal and Production Animal Facilities, Pet Food Companies, Research Facilities and Universities, and virtually all other organizations that perform the stewardship of Animal Care. ADL has established normal values for hundreds of lab tests for over 200 species.

Q: Do you work with non-profit organizations?

A: ADL is very proud of our relationships with non-profit organizations. We offer top-quality lab testing at a significant discount to help volunteer and public service organizations perform their missions within their limited budgets. When severe weather and other natural or man-made disasters are involved in animal injury or disease, we donate many of our services to volunteer veterinarians who provide needed animal care services in the hour of need.

Q: Do you require your clients to sign a contract for custom services and pricing?

A: NO. Never. Please contact ADL client services at (714) 258-0330 or to discuss your diagnostic needs.