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Our friendly and knowledgeable Client Services Team is here to help you with all aspects of customizing our diagnostic services to fit your needs. We are here to assist you: create a new account; set up custom tests and profiles; coordinate courier pickup and specimen submission services; develop lab result reporting via practice management software interface, website portal, email or fax; by conducting training sessions for your staff; as well as offering professional consults from board certified Veterinary Specialists. The Client Services department is organized into specialized departments to better coordinate interaction with our customers


We roll out the welcome mat for all new additions to our client family. Call (714) 258-0330 or email to get the ball rolling. We offer gold-standard diagnostics for: private practices, animal shelters and pet rescue groups, breeding and animal husbandry facilities, zoos and aquariums, research or veterinary reference laboratories, equine practices and racetracks, large animal practices and production facilities. Contact us to arrange an in-person visit by phone, video conference or in-facility presentation. We offer a large menu of diagnostic tests and profiles and can customize a top quality cost-effective diagnostic program to fit your needs. ADL does not require you to sign a long-term restrictive contract to receive special services and pricing. Many labs are pushing lab service contracts with cash or equipment up front to entice you to sign a long-term deal in which you guarantee a minimum dollar amount of ordered labwork each month for the contract duration. Automatic renewals and yearly non-negotiable price increases are often included. We strongly recommend that you contact our client services department for a competitive bid for your business. At the very least, you should hire a qualified contract law attorney to review any presented lab-services contract prior to signing anything. Ask about our New Client Specials when you call!


Our Diagnostic Specialists team is designed to listen to your diagnostic needs and coordinate specific test profiles and testing to best fit your veterinary medical protocols. Our highly-trained technical team will work with Veterinary Practice Managers, RVTs, Research Coordinators and Animal Facilities Staff to help smooth out transitional issues and coordinate easy ways to prepare samples for submission to ADL.
Call (714) 258-0330 or email and ask for a IT Specialist to answer all technical questions.


Data processing is at the core of any modern laboratory operation. Ordering and Accessioning submitted laboratory specimens, Testing, Reporting Lab Results, interfacing with a multitude of practice management software (PMS) platforms, providing lab results access through all devices and customizing two-way connection from client to laboratory is a complex enterprise. Our IT Professionals are not only wizards with computing and networks, they are well trained in laboratory testing and protocols too. They are among the best in the industry at system upkeep and modernization, resolving problems and developing and deploying our systems to make your life easier.
Call (714) 258-0330 or email and ask for a Diagnostic Specialist to answer all technical questions.


Our in-house board-certified veterinary pathologists are available to help the front line veterinarian deal with challenging cases as well as recommend diagnostic follow-up testing and discuss work-ups and therapies. We offer consults in:

    • Clinical and Anatomical Pathology
    • Avian/Exotics
    • Small and Large Animal Internal Medicine
    • Emergency / Critical Care
    • Oncology
    • Ophthalmology
    • Dermatology
    • Neurology
    • Anesthesiology
    • Radiology
    • Theriogenology
Our professional staff is here to serve our clients before and after submission of specimens for testing at ADL. Call (714) 258-0330 or email or send a lab message to request a consult.